Harness The Power Of Uncertainty

Hello my lovelies,

Like so many other people right now I do not assume that my week will unfold the way I would usually expect.  We recently received an email from Chloë’s school week that one of her teachers unfortunately had contracted COVID so had to self-isolating.  We chose to get tested and we’re thankfully negative.

There were two ways to deal with this situation.  Get super annoyed that we’re unable to go on holiday that we feel like we desperately needed, OR be grateful that we’re in a fortunate position to be able to book a holiday.  I chose the second option. 

In context everything that is going on in the world right now, all the suffering, hardship and pain created by the coronavirus, this uncertainty is certainly a small matter of concern. 

But, it got me thinking.  What do we need to be focusing on during times of uncertainty?

  1. Do not over consume yourself with planning and upcoming events - you don’t know how things will unfold
  2. Focus on all the reasons to be grateful.  I have my health, an incredible little family, the worlds beautiful places aren’t going anywhere and you can find good in almost everything that happens
  3. Get into the moment and try exploring new ways to finding fun, enjoyment and fulfilment in the simple things in life …I’ve adopted this approach and I’m discovering simple ways of having fun and so far I’m loving it!
  4. Keep reminding yourself to keep perspective.  In comparison to what so many people are experiencing yours is probably small fry!
  5. Some of our greatest achievements come from times of stress. Being under pressure can make you more focused, a better problem-solver, and a braver risk-taker.  Make stress your friend.

For most of us, stress is part daily life.   Right now most of us are experiencing much higher levels of stress than we would usually encounter.  This pandemic is not making life any easier.

But you can take charge of how you think and feel about stress using it to be your powerhouse to generate just about anything. 

“There was a study that tracked about 30,000 adults for almost a decade in the U.S. At the beginning of the study, they asked people first, ‘How stressful is your life? And then also, ‘Do you believe that your stress … is bad for your health?’… And what they found is that for the subset of people who had very stressful [lives] and most strongly believed that their stress was harmful, they had a 43% increased risk of dying from any cause over the next decade. But the people who had the most stressful lives and did not strongly believe that stress was bad for them, they were the most likely to be alive at the end of the decade. … This study caught my attention because first of all, it suggests that stress is not always the enemy.” – Kelly McGonigal 

When you change your mind about how you feel about stress you can change your response. 

So why not get better at managing your stress? 

Stress is your body’s way of getting you to respond the challenge ahead.  It’s not the enemy.  When you look at stressful situations through a different lens, your body believes you and your stress response becomes healthier.  How you think and how you act can transform your experience of stress. 

You can choose to experience your stress response as helpful you create the biology of courage. You can essentially train your brain to response in a helpful way to support you through the stressful scenario.  It’s called personal development and it’s massively empowering.

Ask yourself, how should I response to this situation? Believe in yourself that you competently manage the situation and you’ll feel yourself start to relax.  One you find your rhythm you will find that you feel more confident and enthusiastic even in stressful situations.  This in turn will help you connect with people and help you perform on a whole new level.

We're more than a club, we're here to help you vault into the next level.  The Enterprise Vault, inspiring change in you. 

All our love 💖

Team TEV


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