How Do You Build Real Confidence?


Hi Gorgeous,,

I hope you've had a brilliant weekend and you're full of the joys of spring.. its just around the corner promise!

Today I want to talk to you about confidence.

Confidence is the number one thing that people site as an issue when they’re not succeeding.  A lack of confidence can be crippling.  It will hold you back and stop you from creating the results you've really want.   You know deep down that if you overcome the confidence barrier, it will have a massively positive impact on your life.  And no matter how successful you may be, almost all of us could do with a confidence boost. 

It’s totally normal to lack confidence, feel fear and self-doubt.  I remember the days where I used to dread speaking in public. Although I didn’t know it then, this is a completely normal feeling as I wasn’t competent and I was in the process of learning a skill.  I'd literally feel sick to the point I couldn’t see properly; now I no longer fear public speaking.  In fact last week I moderated a panel, I massively enjoyed it and got a huge buzz! Is that a bit sad?!

Now I grab every opportunity to get myself out there, because I want to continually keep building my skills in this arena.

So what’s changed?  I decided to challenge myself at every single opportunity. And even though I felt the fear when asking for a speaking gig, I did it anyway. 

I made a decision a while ago that I am going to be a phenomenal speaker.  I knew that unless I pushed through those barriers of fear I wouldn’t get any better and I would continue to be crippled with self-doubt.  This simple philosophy is called the competency-confidence loop.  As you become more skilled at a task, your fear shrinks and your confidence grows. 

Sorry to be controversial, but I don’t believe in the fake it until you make it B.S (I know it's literally EVERYWHERE on the internet).   To me real confidence grows from action.  And let’s not sugar coat this, it's real confidence that’s going to make you successful.  Faking it won’t make you feel confident it will hyper exaggerate your imposter syndrome!   

I want you to grow the type of confidence that oozes complete and utter authenticity; the real you.  The type of confidence that you don’t have to think about. You just are, confident.

When you get to the point of thinking, acting and behaving as the real you, there are no voices in your head telling you that you are “completely rubbish at this”.  You're enjoying the process and you’re feeling the unstoppable confidence you’ve been craving.

So make a decision TODAY to stop thinking and start acting. Just decide that you are going to start believing in yourself and get going.  Decide to be confident.  Decide to give it a go!  You’ve got nothing to loose and everything to gain, because real confidence will take you to the next level (…and the one after that …and the one after that!).

Much love gorgeous one

Sarah xxx


p.s if you're feeling like you need support to be more confident join us over at Fiercely Ambitious Entrepreneurs and be surrounded by incredible like-minded ladies xxxx

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