Just Own It!

Hi Gorgeous,

How happy are you that it's February?   Are you finding that you are powering through the year or are you feeling a little stuck? 

Empowering yourself to take real control of your life is so liberating.  It’s incredibly powerful to make a decision about something that has been on your mind for a while and address it head on, aka owning it!

Most experiences in life that inspire us to learn, grow, and thrive are challenging and scary. Often when we’re presented with an exciting or unfamiliar opportunity, we go into protection mode and defend ourselves against fear by rationalising our limitations: “I’m not really the kind of person who does X.” But this kind of compartmentalization only leads to frustration and dissatisfaction.

You intrinsically know when changes in your life need to be made.  Recognise where those changes need to be made and go for it.  Instead of questioning yourself, judging, and listening to the pesky inner critic, realise your incredible potential and give yourself the permission to unapologetically start taking action.  Kapow!  

Really focus pulling together your bigger strategy.  Once you’ve got your game plan figured out and you’ll know how you’re going to strategically tackle the issue, task or big goal you’ve set yourself. 

As you gain momentum by taking action every day towards those changes that you've decided to make, you will begin to feel like it is a much easier transition.  You’ll notice your stress levels come down, the overwhelm will subside, and you’ll start to gain clarity.

If you’re struggling, take some time out to visualise your desired outcome.  You can try associating your new goal with your song du jour and  just go for it!  Put your fear aside, put that tune on as loud as you can and get in the zone.  

If you need some support click on the link and join us in The Enterprise Vault Facebook Group and be cheered on by other incredible likeminded women. 

Life is way to short to not truly follow your passions.  Live your life with conviction and purpose, and just own it!

Much love 

Sarah xxx

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