Networking For Business Success

Stop collecting business cards and start making meaningful connections. 

Love it or loath it, networking is so powerful for building a thriving business or climbing the corporate ladder.  Even when you’re a new Mum looking for some sanity, networking becomes a critical skill.  It surprises me that so often I hear other women saying that we are not good at networking, this is total rubbish!  It’s so often the ladies in the household that create the vital support networks for our families; it’s this network that becomes the life-line in difficult times.

Networking is not just about swapping business cards; you want to learn how to network for life, for endless value, build a business or to significantly enhance your career success.  I climbed the corporate ladder purely by having the right people in my network, and the strong foundations of my business exists today because of my network.

So, if you are looking to increase the quality and quantity of your best clients and/or you want to develop relationships with other incredible professionals you need to get yourself out there! 

The traditional idea of networking is to attend events complete with a room full of people just like you.  The problem with most networking events is that most people have themselves at the centre of their thoughts, whether it be signing up a new client, creating awareness for their business or connecting with someone in the hope of developing a mutually beneficial relationship.  They are looking for instant gratification.

Gary Vaynerchuck says “effective networking is about reversing the game everybody instinctively plays.  It’s about patience and buildup, not the close.  We celebrate audacity and courage instead of patience and value.”  Think of it like a dating game.  It’s not about the one night stand, its about finding your soul mate.  You’re looking for the golden nugget, the long lasting committed relationship.  

Now, I am not saying don’t attend networking events.  I’ve met some incredible people at these socials.  However you need to do something to facilitate growing valuable connections built on long-lasting trust.  How do I do this?  You shift the focus from you to thinking of them.  

Ask yourself the question, how can you become their ultimate resource.  How can you be the person that connects them to a new contact, recommends another trust professional, hairdresser, cake-maker or whatever it is that makes their life a hell of a lot easier and saves them time. Become connected to all the top businesses in your orbit. 

By becoming a connector you become a go-to person, the trusted adviser and you will be surprised how quickly this approach will be reciprocated.  Ensure that you are sharing your message along the way, so that they understand you and your business.  Because guess what, when you pay it forward, go the extra mile for someone and build mutual trust, you are at the forefront of their mind when it comes to recommending a business expert (yes that’s you!). 

So what are you waiting for?  Get out there, meet new people and remember to do it in a mindful way by always asking yourself the question, how can I become their ultimate resource? This takes a shift in mindset, but by adding extraordinary value, by learning about their issues and by creating opportunities for your clients, you can leverage your strategic partnerships and create a powerful network.

Share your vision, your ambitions, and the intimate details of organisation, and build a network of people that you love.  Attract those likeminded, A-list incredible men and women just like you.  The deeper the quality of your network the greater the magnitude your success. 

Come and join us in the Fiercely Ambitious Entrepreneurs Facebook Group, connect, build your network and magnitude your success.

Love you all.

Sarah xxx

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