The world needs you right now 🙋

Hello gorgeous,

I know you’re a kind hearted, great person. That’s why we’re connected, we’ve got a lot in common 🤗 

Today my friend, I’m asking you to double up on your kindness because that’s what the world needs right now.

Did you know there are 87 days remaining until the end of this year.  I know that you’ve got some big visions that you want to complete and there’s still time.

Still time to make those big changes.  We’re going to make things happen!  Let’s get the fire in our bellies and get it done.

Whilst everyone else is getting sucked into the latest COVID restriction drama and getting worried about things they cannot control, we’re going remain focused.  We’re going to pivot to ensure we nail our big goals.

Together we're going to make big changes. We're going to make things better.  And we’re going to double up on bringing good into this world.

If that means being a great Mum, do it even better, with greater intention and goodness.

If that means you’re committed to living your best life so you can be an inspiration to others, hone in those habits.

If that means selling more products that help people live a good life, do more with greater excellence.

If that means you volunteer, mentor others, put out positive content... double up.


Because you feel it too...

The world feels off kilter.

There's so much negativity sapping our mojo and vibrancy right now.

There's too much heaviness, avoiding, lying, pessimism, stress, prejudice, hatred, loneliness, sadness, apathy.

But that stuff is confronted when we each SHOW UP each day with a deep intention to do good, to be good leaders, to put our best selves forward, to bring our A game for others.

Personally, I've been strengthening my commitment in my own ways -- trying to help this community stick to their goals even better, and achieve more even faster.

I've been committed these last few months to create more tools and community for you...

That's why we created an all access subscription to our personal development courses in  The Enterprise Vault members club £1 7 day trail, which crystallises so many teachings.  We want to give more people lower pricing - giving you multiple courses all in one place.

... Why we are getting at it every day trying to build something new for you, to create a whole new community of deeper engagement and higher performance.

It's been a lot.

We didn't need to make all these changes.

NO one needs to change. We could all just stay the same. Get comfortable. Stop caring. Ride our successes. Be lazy.

But there's real need out there. Right now. It's real.

The world needs us, right now, to LEAD.

So I've been asking all my friends in the industry to do the same: get at it, create more tools, more memberships, more communities... anything, anything, anything you can do to help lift people up and change the tone.


However you do good my friend, I’m asking you to double up on your kindness because that’s what the world needs right now.

And if you're dealing with too much doubt, or the imposter syndrome, or struggling to be your best over the long haul, be sure to catchup on all my YouTube videos. I've been addressing those issues a lot lately.

2020 three months remain.

You can stay resolute.

You can help a lot of people this year.

You can lift the energy. 

Turn the tide.

Rekindle the magic.

All our love

Team TEV


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